A brief personal history
In 1980 I enrolled, studied and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Art Design at the Sydney School of Visual Arts. I studied layout, design, typography, finished art and photography. After graduation I spent the next 15 years producing various advertisements, brochures, magazines, newspapers and point-of-sale material in both the retail and corporate sectors. Since 1996 I have been running my own graphic arts business, Apollo Ranch Productions, continuing the same line of work with my own clients. In 2005 I started to devote more time to my photography, organising existing work as well as creating new images and in 2006 ”Craig Venn Photography” was born. I have travelled frequently, both in Australia and overseas. This has resulted in more than 25 years of documented photographic work which I am, at present, adding to my online gallery. Images on this web site reflect my work both in Australia and overseas as well as my local area on the New South Wales South Coast.
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